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Bruschetta with tomato

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Serving price: 3,36 €
Turkey fillets in cheese and tomato sauce
Turkey fillets in cheese and tomato saucePreheat the oven to 200º C/fan oven 180º C.

Brown the turkey fillets on both sides. Place in an ovenproof dish.

Heat the cheese sauce over a low ...
746 Kcal Per Serving
F: 16 g, P: 55 g, C: 95 g
1,491 Kcal (123 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Turkey fillets in cheese and tomato sauce

Serving price: 4,70 €
Chilli con carne
Chilli con carneChop the onion, garlic and pepper. Split the chilli pepper and remove the seeds, then chop (quantity according to taste). Crush the juniper berries.

Brown the minced beef in a pan with a ...
484 Kcal Per Serving
F: 20 g, P: 44 g, C: 34 g
967 Kcal (98 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Chilli con carne

Serving price: 3,89 €
Chicken in sweet ginger sauce
Chicken in sweet ginger sauceCut the chicken into small pieces. Grate the ginger and finely slice the spring onions.

Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the packet.

454 Kcal Per Serving
F: 8 g, P: 32 g, C: 62 g
907 Kcal (172 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Chicken in sweet ginger sauce

Serving price: 5,23 €
Osso buco with mashed potato
Osso buco with mashed potatoPeel and chop the onion and garlic. Finely slice the celery stalks.

Using a sharp knife, make small cuts in the membrane running around the meat slices. Season the meat with salt and ...
767 Kcal Per Serving
F: 28 g, P: 61 g, C: 60 g
3,070 Kcal (101 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Osso buco with mashed potato

Serving price: 2,15 €
Couscous salad with feta
Couscous salad with fetaPut the couscous in a bowl, and cover with boiling water. Season with salt and stir with a spoon. Leave to cool.
Add the lemon juice and crushed garlic.

Slice the sun-dried ...
516 Kcal Per Serving
F: 12 g, P: 18 g, C: 85 g
1,033 Kcal (187 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Couscous salad with feta

Serving price: 4,97 €
Barbecue chicken drumsticks with tomato salsa
Barbecue chicken drumsticks with tomato salsaPreheat the oven to 200ºC/fan oven 180ºC.

Brush the chicken with barbecue sauce and season with a little salt. Bake in the oven for 40-45 mins.

792 Kcal Per Serving
F: 37 g, P: 48 g, C: 72 g
3,168 Kcal (100 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Barbecue chicken drumsticks with tomato salsa

Serving price: 6,17 €
Goulash soup
Goulash soupPeel and dice the potatoes and onions.

Fry the meat and onion in a pan. Add the paprika and caraway seeds.
Add the water, stock cube, potatoes and tomato to the pan and cook for approx. ...
621 Kcal Per Serving
F: 30 g, P: 39 g, C: 51 g
1,242 Kcal (68 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Goulash soup

Serving price: 6,31 €
Chicken with melon salad
Chicken with melon saladRemove the melon skin and seeds and chop into cubes.
Thinly slice the cucumber and quarter the tomatoes.
Place in a bowl together with the sugar peas, and refrigerate.

(If the sugar peas are frozen, defrost by ...
456 Kcal Per Serving
F: 24 g, P: 39 g, C: 22 g
912 Kcal (84 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Chicken with melon salad

Serving price: 1,61 €
HotdogsHeat the frankfurters in a pan of water. The water should be just below boiling point or the frankfurters will burst.

Dice the raw onion. Serve the raw and fried onions in small ...
587 Kcal Per Serving
F: 21 g, P: 13 g, C: 89 g
1,174 Kcal (229 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Hotdogs

Serving price: 2,68 €
Rissoles with pasta salad
Rissoles with pasta saladFinely chop the onion.

Mix together the pork, onion, egg, oats and flour. Gradually add the milk. Season with salt and pepper.
Leave the mince mixture to rest in the fridge ...
690 Kcal Per Serving
F: 22 g, P: 45 g, C: 86 g
1,381 Kcal (135 Kcal/100 g)
Energy for the recipe Rissoles with pasta salad


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